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Ron Daughton

Electric guitar & Vocalist


  • 2015 Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame Inductee

  • 3 Successful bands throughout the U.S



Born and Raised in northern Baltimore county. Started playing music in Church and it blossomed from there! 

I'm a singer, songwriter & guitarist who's keeping Classic Rock, Motown, Country, & Blues alive with bands in 3 different states. I'm at my best on stage surrounded by great players - making memories!


Chuz Riehl

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Chuz Riehl hails from northern Wisconsin and the Chicago area, but has been living in the east valley since the 70's. His repertoire consists of everything from Jackson Brown to Neil Young, from Tom Petty to The Rolling Stones. He’s just as comfortable playing funk as he is ballads. Chuz has been playing guitar and singing since the age of 6, so for about 15 year now. ;) Hes played in a variety of road bands, lounges, night clubs as well as opening up for the likes of Michael Murphy and Paul Rodgers. Come on out and dance along with him. He rarely stops!


Steve “MacDaddy” McDaniel

Bass Guitar /Vocals /Backing Vocals

Started in church. Joined the Youth Choir. An adventurous Music Minister decided to put on a gospel operetta and chose me to play the lead. We took it on the road and played shows at other churches, especially Indian reservation churches. Best time of my young life. Took a Strings class and the music teacher declared that I would study bass. They put a Kay plywood 3/4 concert bass in my hands. Friends started a rock band and I became a roadie. I bought an electric bass and they let me play. Played with other bands, Subbed, Sat in, Auditioned. Chosen to play a short tour with The Coasters. Had a Blast! Founding member of the country rock band “Brass Tacks. Was recruited to play with touring country “Kenny Knapp Band”. Serious fun. Joined the dance band “Messenger” out of Louisiana and toured the most of the continental USA and Alaska playing mostly small clubs and Hilton Hotels. Shortly after my Dad had open heart surgery and my wife and I came to Arizona. I joined the “Nighthawk” band and played a lot of country music.. Then my daughter arrived and I took an actual day job; I quit taking gigs. I was not happy though. Eventually an old friend came to my house and asked me to start up a band so his wife could sing. I dug out the Guild and started playing again. I had another friend who wanted to do a start up band and it was then I met Ron Daughton. I was happy again.
Lets have some fun..


 Michael Hutch Hutchison

Drums​ & Backing Vocalist

Michael ( hutch ) Hutchison’s brother brought a drum set in their house when hutch was 15 years old and he took over the set two weeks later. He was in marching band at Van Nuys high. He started out on base drum and by his second year he was lead snare drum player and in the jazz band and in orchestra as well. His influences Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, John Bonham.  In his late 20’s he took a break from drumming to raise his son. He started playing again several years ago and hasn’t looked back.

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